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This word Blogger and Makeup Artist About the Beauty Trends of Social Media Kemala Intan Sari - wolipop

This word Blogger and Makeup Artist About the Beauty Trends of Media Sosialdok. Instagram

Jakarta - social media networking is now increasingly being used by people as a means of entertainment and sharing everyday activities. For women, social media networking is often used as a reference in their style inspiration. Starting from the fashion business, cosmetology, hairdressing, to facials.

This is because many influences from the virtual world celebrities such as beauty teacher on YouTube, as well as other celebrities who also became a trendsetter in the world of beauty like Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and Miley Cyrus. So, how the actors respond to this phenomenon the world of beauty?

Blogger beauty as well as a makeup artist Lizzie Parra said, social media is real time or directly. "People can get info about the beauty directly from the speaker source. I think this is what makes social media so a major role in the world of beauty," Lizzie said when contacted Wolipop, Tuesday (09/15/2015).

Lizzie added, easy two-way communication can be carried out by the followers and initiating beauty trends are also said to be one of the reasons why social media can be as originator of the trend. They can directly ask questions and quickly get a response from a beauty trendsetter.

Whereas other makeup, Bubah Alfie argues, Hollywood celebrities become one of the main reasons for the emergence of trends in beauty through social media. He argues, in this year alone more makeup trends makeup refers to the family of the Kardashian clan, namely makeup flawless without stains, lip shades with a sweep nude matte lipstick and eyelashes were long but not too thick.

"75 percent of my clients ask for makeup like the eyes of Kim Kardashian or lips Kylie Jenner. They are much to be inspired by Instagram because some bloggers international beauty too much to make a tutorial makeup style Kardashian family," said makeup artist subscription Raisa it when contacted Wolipop on the same day ,

Both agreed, social media and beauty trends seems to be a 'partner' that can not be separated. Even through social media also, the makeup artist to beauty companies can predict what kind of makeup or hairstyle trends emerging loved. This could make a benchmark or reference to them in creating trends and cosmetic products further.
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